„Munich Caribes“ introduces itself

Mission statement

We don’t just play baseball.

In addition to promoting our sport, we are also aware of our social responsibility when it comes to integrating people and families who come to Munich from other countries.

Our own history has taught us that newcomers try to play the sport they played in their countries of origin. This is particularly true in the youth sector.

We want to offer all these people a place where they feel at home and can integrate more easily into the german society.

We also want to be a place where locals can learn about other cultures and share a passion for baseball.

We support the development of young people and enjoy club life as one big family.

In our Caribes family, you will find support, friendship, fun, fair treatment of each other on and off the field, respect for our fans, opponents, and referees.

We strictly reject exclusion, violence, unlawful acts, or racism.

Younger players:
Young people are the foundation of our future. So we help young people become baseball or softball players by focusing on physical development and developing the qualities needed to become team players.

Advanced players
The goal of the first team is to play baseball at the highest possible level.
In addition, every member of the first team is a role model for our youngsters.
We strictly reject the use of illegal substances to increase performance.

Financial Stability:
A solid economic basis and no financial risks allow us to exist as a financially healthy non-profit association in the long term.
Membership fees are set so that anyone can join our sports club.

Club life:
The help of every single member of our club is essential to achieve our goals. We recognize the voluntary work of our members and expect everyone to support the club’s activities within the scope of their possibilities.

The club

The Munich Caribes are the only baseball club in the Munich city area.

Our club currently has 8 teams playing in the youth and adult divisions.

Training and games take place at Oberwiesenfeld. The facility is located on the edge of the Munich Olympic Park and directly in front of the subway (U3), and bus (line 50) stop Oberwiesenfeld.

If you are interested, please contact us!.

How it all started

It all started in Munich in the early 1990s, when a group of Latin Americans and Germans got together to play baseball in the student town every summer weekend.

Despite goodwill, we could not build a baseball team in those years. We learned that good intentions and ideas were not enough to form a club.

Few were willing to put in the work necessary to realize the dream of a baseball club. But, on the other hand, the rules in force at the time in the Bavarian Baseball and Softball Association (BBSV) did not allow teams with so many foreigners to take part in the league.

Only thanks to the tireless work of a few people and the fact that the BBSV made an exception to the foreigner regulation was it possible to found the Munich Caribes in 1994.

The BBSV allowed us to play in the district league in 1995, but on the condition that we could not move up to higher classes.

The first home of the Munich Caribes was at Säbener Strasse 61, right next to the FC Bayern Munich facilities, where there was a baseball field and a US Army softball field.

We celebrated our first successes at the baseball field in Harlaching, and Caribes grew from one team to five teams: two men’s teams, a women’s softball team, a youth team, and a junior team.

In 2001 our first men’s team was promoted to the Bavarian league and a little later in 2005 to the regional league.

Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga followed in 2015. The season ended with 3rd place. In 2021, the Caribes won the division’s title in the 2nd Bundesliga.

The key to our success is our players‘ sporting quality, our hard training, our club’s family concept, and the selfless work of members and friends of the Caribes.

Everyone who comes to us will have fun, but they also have to lend a hand and help to write this success story further.

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